The medical name for compression stockings is Therapeutic Elastic Stockings. Both terms are often used as synonyms however, this is not correct. Compression stockings are usually used to prevent vein diseases; they do not have a pressure profile and are not classified in pressure class. Compression stockings are not eligible for reimbursement. You can buy them without reference at the pharmacy or a medical specialty store.

The complaints such as heaviness in the legs or swollen feet can be alleviated with support stockings.


The therapeutic elastic stockings are used as (after) treatment for disorders of the blood and lymphatic system and promote the flow of blood and lymph fluid.

The stockings can also be used preventively, for example during pregnancy, working in a standing position and long flights.


At the first consultation we will have a short check to see if there is an indication for therapeutic elastic stockings and whether the treated area is edema (fluid) free. If you have a referral from your family doctor, the indication has already been determined.

Then we will measure the legs or arms using a measuring tape. The practitioner will discuss the types of stockings and colors with you. The stocking (s) will be delivered in practice within two weeks. The skin therapist will contact you when the stockings are in and make an appointment with you to pick up the stockings. During this appointment we will put the stocking (s) on together with you and give advice.

After three months we will contact you again to evaluate the stocking (s) with you. Should the stocking (s) be effective? Then we will order a second stocking or pair for you. This stocking or pair will also be in practice within two weeks.


The reimbursement of the therapeutic elastic stockings differs per health insurance.

For the use of the stockings, we will take into account the reimbursement of the health insurer and will discuss this with you in advance. We also advise you to consult with your health insurer.

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