Have you ever had a tattoo done too impulsively and now regret about it? Or are you not satisfied with the permanent make-up? Then it is very understandable that you will do anything to get rid of it. Fortunately, now it is possible. Using modern technologies we can remove that annoying tattoo safely and effectively.


The M22 Q-switched laser provides a safe and effective way to remove tattoos. The laser delivers fast light pulses with very high energy. These pulses are absorbed by the tattoo, breaking up the pigment into particles, small enough to pass through the body.


It is necessary to avoid the sun 4 weeks before treatment. This has to do with pigmentation in the skin, which increases the chance of a burn.


There is redness and a burning sensation on the skin, crusts can also form on the treated area. These reactions are completely normal and the skin recovers without scarring within 7 to 10 days. During the entire treatment period and up to 6 weeks after the last treatment, it is important to use sun protection during the day, because the treated skin could burn faster.


Tattoos removal …………………….from € 95,-

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