Permanent make-up is the way to look beautiful permanently (3 to 5 years). The treatment has been carried out for many years, but became more common procedure in recent years. It is very convenient during activities such as swimming, sports or sauna. People with sensitive eyes or cosmetic allergies can also benefit from it.

pmu tafelDuring the treatment, special mineral-based pigments are injected into the skin by means of a sterile ultra-thin needle, which goes up and down very quickly. Huidmedzorg offer permanent make-up for eyebrows, eyes and lips. Permanent eyeliner can be done for top and/or bottom line; for lips you can choose a lip contour or full lip color. The eyebrows can be done in different techniques for the most natural result. Are you hesitating about the result or are you curious about the possibilities? First, we always draw the desired shape, and make sure you like it.

Pay attention! Since the 1 of June 2007, permanent make-up may only be applied by GGD-licensed practices. Huidmedzorg has this permit and works in accordance with the strict guidelines in the field of information, hygiene, safety and aftercare. Do you have further questions about the treatment method? Feel free to contact us for more information.


During our consultation appointment, all your wishes will be written down. Once everything is clear, the treatment can start. First, the shape is drawn and only after your approval the pigmenting starts. It can be sensitive, so you are advised to get a numbing (EMLA) cream from your family doctor. Apply it one hour before the procedure on the area to be treated.


It is very important to take care of the treated areas properly.
The healing period of permanent make-up is about 7 days. General health and physical condition play a role here.

Personal hygiene is imperative during the healing time of permanent makeup.

After PMU, the tattooed area is covered with a smoothing cream.


  • Touch the PMU area as less as possible.
  • If possible, wash the wound twice a day with a mild unscented soap until the wound has healed completely.
  • If possible, pat the wound dry after washing with a clean tissue.
  • Do not put wound disinfectants such as Sterilon or Betadine on the wound.
  • Lubricate the wound twice a day with the vaseline that you have received.
  • Do not wear plasters or bandages over permanent makeup.
  • Under no circumstances apply cosmetics to the wound during healing.
  • Do not wear contact lenses during the healing of eyeliner.
  • During the healing process, avoid contact with bathing water (chlorine pools, hot tubs, natural bathing water). Also do not use a sauna or steam bath.
  • Do not expose the tattooed area to the sun or a tanning bed (including sunscreen). Even after the healing time always use a high protection factor when sunbathing.


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